Collaborate more closely with your Healthcare Provider

The VIVUS Health Platform helps track your health
progress and assist you when you need support


A Telehealth platform that supports your health and well-being

The VIVUS Health Platform is a fully integrated Telehealth platform that helps you and your Healthcare Provider collaborate more closely in your care. The platform lets you and your provider:


Meet face-to-face online and exchange messages

Remotely monitor your vital health and nutrition statistics

Connect and share health data from various devices

1 The convenience of a single, simple app

Your Healthcare Provider will invite you to join. After registering and connecting with their office, you will download the Vital Care app.

The Vital Care app is all you need.

The VitalCare app features quick, convenient access to your vital readings, nutrition and medication tracking. You will also use the app to reply to messages from your Healthcare Provider and partipate in video calls that they will schedule and initiate.

2 The ease of real-time progress monitoring

The Vital Care app securely shares health data directly with your Healthcare Provider, helping them monitor your health progress in real time. The app also lets you pair various Bluetooth-enabled health and medical devices. This can help your Healthcare Provider monitor your vitals including weight, blood pressure, and lung function, among others.

Sharing this data with your Healthcare Provider is easy. Simply pair devices — such as an Apple Watch, blood pressure monitor, or a weight scale — with the Vital Care app and this information will be securely shared with them.

3 Access to medical devices for your care plan

You and your Healthcare Provider will determine what, if any, medical devices are required to meet the needs of your collaborative care plan.

Your Healthcare Provider may supply you with a device or ask you to order a device from the VIVUS Health Store. The store offers a secure, convenient online shopping experience across a range of devices including:

  • Pulse Oximeters
  • Blood Glucose Meters
  • Blood Pressure Monitors
  • Infrared Thermometers
  • Weight Scales
  • Spirometers

Order online and your devices will be delivered right to your door!

Getting started

Has your Healthcare Provider sent you an invitation? Visit the custom registration link in the letter or email you received. It will take you to their custom web portal where you can register — connecting your account to their office. Consult the Patient Quick-Start Guide you were provided for help with downloading and configuring the VitalCare app.

Don’t have an invitation? Discuss the VIVUS Health Platform with your Healthcare Provider and ask them to visit


To learn more about how the program works, or for specific questions, contact your Healthcare Provider’s office.